Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanks Giving Recipe: Turkey Rolled Tacos

After Thanks Giving Turkey Rolled Tacos

So it's after Thanks Giving and you're sick of the turkey carcass sitting in your fridge! Don't fret! Pull the turkey out, toss it in the oven at 300 with water for 30 minutes. Heat to moisten for strip it clean; remove fatty skin and anything yucky... Sit it in a container!

What You Need!

1.) The turkey - yes the whole daggone bird

2.) 1 large onion or a bushel of green onions.

3.) 2-3 Anaheim chilies fresh - or 1 canned will do as well.

4.) 4-6 leafs of romaine Lettuce chopped into strips.

5.) 1 large red bell pepper and 1 green pepper.

6.) 3 cloves of fresh garlic

7.) Sea Salt to taste - add as you go!

8.) Black pepper - add as you go and taste

9.) Good handful of cilantro-you can decide.

10.) Roma tomatoes.

11.) Olive oil - 1-2 cups. This depends on whether you're using a deep fryer or stove top pan.

12.) A Deep fryer - check any home kitchen department store.

13.) 2 bags of 50 Tortillas

14.) Round tooth picks

15.) Salsa

16.) Paper towels

17.) Splatter screen, found in cooking aisle

Take the chilies and bake or sear in the oven or in a pan on your stove top. Chop into fine pieces. You can sauté the onions, peppers, garlic, and cilantro.

Dice the onions and tomatoes and chop them up as well. Add the greens, onions, garlic, cilantro, romaine and peppers together in one bowl. Take the turkey and veggies, peppers and such all together!

You can mix it by hand, or place in a blender or food processor to combine well!

Mix it all together, including the veggies, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, seasoning, turkey and etc. Leave the tortillas! You will to use them to roll the tacos!

Now take the tortillas and heat them in the over, or in a cast iron pan. When you heated one bag of tortillas, take turkey and veggies mixture and combine it all! Mix well and begin to roll tacos.

Take tortillas and place on one side, tooth picks in front of you, and turkey mixture on the other.

Preheat olive oil in deep fryer or stove top pan.

Begin to roll tacos. Take tortilla, half a handful of the turkey mix, and place in the quarter of the tortilla. Wedge nicely and begin to roll... Until tortilla is completely rolled and place a toothpick through it when finished. Note: Are you familiar with taquitos? If so, roll them in that manner... Make as many as you'd like.

When you're finished place 4-8 tacos into deep fryer or and cook until golden or at 10 minutes at time! You don't really have to cook them that long because the turkey has been cooked. The oil has been pre-heating for a while now, so it will be very hot! Be careful and use a splatter screen if you're not using a deep fryer.

Place tacos onto drainer with paper towels to drain oil if a deep fryer wasn't used.

When you're finished frying, serve and enjoy! No more turkey! :)

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