Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Libra

Christmas Gifts for Libra


Anything that is beautiful and artistic will thrill the Venus-ruled Libran. They love flowers, fancy goods and clothing, jewellery and perfume. Send Libran artists and musicians over the moon with a new paint-box, music sheets or even a musical instrument. Plan a big family get-together this Christmas as the sociable Libran should never be left to celebrate Yuletide on their own.

Pastels, pale blues and pink are their colours. Sapphire is the Libran's traditional gemstone. Copper is the metal associated with this sign.

Gift List for Libran friends, loved-ones and family: Delicate items of jewellery, a gold ring, gift voucher for new clothing or to add to their c.d. collection, a painting or print by their favourite artist, cosmetic sets, hand-painted collectables, top brand perfumes and aftershaves, art studio chests, art easel, facial-toner, nail tattoos.

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