Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Geminis

Christmas Gifts for Geminis

Trying to think of unique and unusual Christmas ideas can be difficult. Considering the likes and dislikes of the zodiac signs you are buying for might help.

Gift Ideas for Gemini

Gemini is a friendly, communicative and expressive sign. They will have a clever and inventive mind and are talented in many areas. Geminis have a thirst for knowledge, are curious and enjoy variety. They can be changeable and slightly scatterbrained! Gemini is a youthful sign and they will appreciate anything that gives them instant amusement. They love to learn but they need to be truly interested to ever go really deeply into any subject.

Because Gemini is such an imaginative sign, they will appreciate different and unusual ideas. They will be quite easy to buy for in that they have many interests and are easily pleased. Buy a gift that has something to do with their current hobbies which might be writing, poetry, painting or photography.

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis love communicating in all forms. Gift them with the latest cellphone or a laptop computer. Books by their favourite author or how-to books and CDs such as how-to-speak-a-foreign-language should keep them entertained.

More Ideas for Gemini's Christmas Gift List

A magazine subscription, travel gear i.e. suitcases, travel bags, travel pillows, and travel guides. A weekend getaway, puzzle books, mind-challenges, joke books, small items of jewellery. Fun and educational gifts for Gemini children might be a good idea, such as educational DVD with number, word and science games. Board games such as chess and scrabble would also please the Gemini.

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