Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Cancer

Christmas Gifts for Cancer

Gift Ideas for Cancer

Cancer is a sensitive and sympathetic sign; they are emotional, romantic and sentimental. Cancer has a strong nurturing side and they are strongly drawn towards the home, hearth and family.

Cancerians can be moody and can be known to retreat into themselves when they aren't happy or are feeling excessively emotional. Christmas is an emotional time so Cancer's moods are likely to be up and down throughout the festive season.

A big family get together would be the best gift of all for this Moon-ruled sign. Photograph albums or framed family photographs would be a big hit for the Cancerian. Choose a gift that has sentimental or personal meaning or gifts inspired by the past that might evoke some special memories. Promise to cook for them and make them something special.

Something handmade will also delight the Cancerian.

Other ideas for the Cancerian's Christmas Gift List include

Anything family related such as a framed family-tree, recipe books, cooking utensils, food hamper, flowers, Victorian Family Tree photograph frame, crystal ornaments.

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