Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pisces

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pisces


Pisceans love the magical atmosphere and vibrant colours of Christmas. Never stint on festive decorations as for this romantic sign, the pre-Christmas build-up and seasonal traditions are as consequential as the Big Day itself.

Of all the signs, they are the easiest to buy for but for Pisces the best gift of all is nothing that is received: it is the joy they will get out of giving. Soft sea green is their colour. Moonstone is their traditional gemstone.

Gift List for Pisces friends, loved-ones and family: Perfume, bath salts, scented candles, poetry book, his and her matching dressing-gowns, bedsocks, chocolates, alarm clock, marriage locket, electronic organiser, toe rings, something soft and cuddly

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