Friday, August 6, 2010

McDavid Waist Trimmer

McDavid Waist Trimmer

Product Features

* 1-size-fits-all waist trimmer for relieving pain or losing weight
* Cushions, compresses, and supports lower back and ab muscles
* Retains therapeutic heat to relieve sore muscles and arthritis
* Wrap is made of 100-percent latex-free neoprene
* Adjustable Velcro closure fits waists up to 50 inches

Product Description Product Description
Whether you're looking to relieve some minor pain or enhance your weight loss efforts, the McDavid waist trimmer is an ideal choice. The waist trimmer cushions, compresses, and supports your lower back and abdominal muscles while retaining therapeutic heat. As a result, you'll not only trim your love handles, but also relieve sore muscles and arthritis. The waist trimmer is made of thermal 100-percent latex-free neoprene, with a nylon facing on the outer side and a contoured design for comfort. The fully adjustable Velcro closure, meanwhile, ensures an optimal fit on waists up to 50 inches.

Note: McDavid recommends avoiding the waist trimmer is you're susceptible to dermatitis or have an allergy to neoprene.

Product Description
Neoprene waist trimmer with fully adjustable velcro closure compresses and supports while retaining therapeutic heat, fits up to 50" waist

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