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How to Lose Weight by Eating Food You Love

How to Lose Weight by Eating Food You Love

Lose Weight by Eating Food You LoveWant to lose weight while eating the foods you love? There are so many diet and exercise programs out there that it can be overwhelming and confusing. Losing weight, is simply burning off more calories than you take in. And there are some easy ways to tip the scales in your favor. Here's how to lose weight and still eat your favorite foods.


Step 1

In order to lose weight while eating foods you love, first figure out how many calories you actually need per day: take your goal weight (what you would like to weigh) and multiply it by 15. For example if your goal weight is 150 lbs. you would need 2,250 calories per day.

Step 2

If you want to lose weight while eating your favorite foods, you need to start reading labels of things you eat to see how many calories are in a serving. Be careful to note what the serving size is. If the serving size of crackers is "5 crackers" and the calories per serving is 150, then that means there are 30 calories per cracker.

Step 3

Plan your meals and snacks with healthy, low-calorie foods that you love. I love bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. I buy whole wheat mini-bagels and whipped cream cheese and can have something I love and it has only about 200 calories. At that level, if I really want another one, I can have it, and still lose weight

Choose low-fat, high-fiber variations. I love chicken parmesean and panfry it with just a little oil, use a low fat mozzerella and have only a little spaghetti with it (high in carbs).

Step 4

In your food journal, write down what you eat and as best as you can what the calories are.If you are unsure of the calories in a particular food, use an online calorie counter.

Step 5

To lose weight, your daily calories should be around your goal. This does not have to be exact; you're training your body and mind to eat differently.

To help keep from getting hungry, include lots of fiber and protein in your diet.

Step 6

So that you don't feel deprived while losing weight, treat yourself. Sugar free pudding and jello, slow-churned ice cream, are some suggestions. There are lots of "Skinny Cow" brand ice cream treats, if that's your posion.Whatever it is you love, find a way to eat it with minimal calories. If it's Ben and Jerry's, they now have the very small containers that look like mini-pints.

Tips & Warnings
Drink lots of water. I found some green tea flavored with mint and I put a bag in my water bottle to add some flavor. Green tea is supposed to help lose weight.

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