Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Replacing Junk Food With Nutritious Food to Achieve Weight Loss

Replacing Junk Food With Nutritious Food to Achieve Weight Loss

By Andrew E

Take away food is sold everywhere, and many people who are overweight have regular take away food. Take away food is quick to buy, and very easy to eat. The problem with fast food, that is often called junk food, is not that it contains no nutrition, but that the food content is surrounded by a lot of sugar and starch - not many vitamins, a lot of fat, and not fats of a healthy kind.
If you have been in the habit of eating take away food and have a liking for its flavor, there really is no harm in making up a new form of diet which includes many of the features of a take away food diet.

The main thing is that you make sure that your replacement food is of the best quality and not what is called "empty calorie" food - when a food is high in energy, but lacking in nutrients.

So, for your white flour roll, which may be full of salt and sugar, you can buy a whole meal bun, or perhaps some stone ground pita bread. For the main part of the meal, which may be chicken or beef, you can choose organic meat products, which contain no hormones or excess fats, and are very often more tasty to eat. You can also make sure that you have a portion to suit your diet instead of standard take away fare - you can have smaller or larger portions to suit your mood, and save some for a later snack. You can also afford to be more generous with salad proportions and make up a bowl full of your favorite salad ingredients to make up the bulk of the meal. If your grill your meat instead of frying it, then you probably can be excused for putting a little cold pressed oil as a dressing for your salad mix, which together with herbs and spices, can enhance the flavor of your salad so that it is almost a meal on its own.

You can very easily choose to replace the fries with some whole meal pasta, as this is quite filling and tasty when mixed perhaps with a helping of cream cheese and some more of the herbs and spices. Using natural herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of your food is good for a weight loss diet because although it gives you an appetite, it won't give you the craving for more that often comes with the use of artificial flavorings and food taste enhancing products. Also you will not need to use salt, and if you like the salty flavors, there are many natural herbal sprinkles, or garlic flavored salts that will give a jolt to your taste buds and also satisfy your nutritional needs.

Once you start playing around with alternatives to take away food, there is no limit to what you might find - eventually the dish that you are eating is so far removed from take away food, that you won't even remember what you are missing.

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