Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Download your FREE 7-day Fat Loss Meal Plan

Here is the beginning of my post.

I have some REALLY exciting news to share with you today.

My good friend and fellow fitness author Vince DelMonte is GIVING AWAY the most powerful and fastest acting resource to overcome the number one culprit to losing your belly fat and getting a ripped and flat stomach.


We both know that proper nutrition, more specifically, following a Done-For-You MEAL PLAN, will lead to faster fat loss and a more chiseled and flat stomach than anything else.

It's a FREE opportunity to get better results in the next 2 weeks than most people experience in 2 months.

This is perhaps one of the most valuable giveaways EVER.

The 7-day fat loss meal plan is, 100% FREE!

But there is a catch... it's only available until Wednesday June 17th at midnight EST time.

Each gift you'll find at the below address are retailed at $57 US, but today you can grab them for the best price ever - zero.

Click here for your free gifts:
--> http://tinyurl.com/mk5htl

Why is Vince doing this??

On Tuesday June 30th at 12pm EST Vince is releasing his highly-anticipated joint venture product with Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans, called the Empowered Nutrition Done-for-You Fat loss Meal Plans.

This is a comprehensive 3 phase done for you meal plan system that includes fifteen 84-day meal plans for both men and women, which is the most complete stomach flattening and ab-sharpening meal plan and nutrition solution to ever be released on the internet.

And he wants you to have first crack at his limited time only 50% off sale of this done for you fat loss meal plan system.

Once the 50% off sale is over the complete meal plan system goes up to full price and is going to stay there.

DATE- Tuesday June 30th at 12pm EST

...there's more.

Vince wanted me to reassure you that there is ZERO pressure to try out the Empowered nutrition done-for-you fat loss meal plan system when they are ready to go live on the launch date and you are more than welcome to get INSTANT ACCESS to his two free gifts right now.


#1 - Check out the link below.
--> http://tinyurl.com/mk5htl

#2 - Watch the entire video

#3 - Enter your name and email to get on the Early Bird VIP list to be notified before the public which means you will be able to buy before the site goes live. You'll also be given INSTANT ACCESS to a free 7 day sample of the done for you fat loss meal plan system absolutely free.

So make sure to follow ALL 3 STEPS to ensure you're one of the lucky people to get access to your free gifts plus first shot to try out the Empowered nutrition Done-for-You Fat Loss Meal Plans on Tuesday June 30th 12pm EST.

Check it out here:
--> http://tinyurl.com/mk5htl


P.S. This page really is coming down Wednesday June 17th at Midnight EST. If you don't grab your gifts today, you WILL miss out (not a marketing ploy, just the honest truth). There is NO CATCH at all. Nothing
for you to buy so take advantage and start carving your flat and ripped stomach now, compliments of my good friend Vince and the team at Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans.


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