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Quickest way to lose weight

"Quickest way to lose weight"
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Diet and exercise combined are king, together they represent the quickest way to lose weight. How do you burn more calories than you take in? Starving yourself is silly because it sends your body into a low calorie burning mode, and it could cause serious health conditions. Patience is a virtue when trying to lose weight, as with many endeavors. Combining a healthy diet with exercise is a long term method for the quickest way to lose weight. And the best part is you won't regain the weight.

Diet doesn't mean a diet, a short term alteration of regular eating habits. Diet means the everyday, day in and day out, for all the days of your life way that you eat. A good diet includes foods from every one of the food groups, taken in moderation and the right amounts. And with a well balanced diet it's simple to cut calories down when you need to lose a few pounds temporarily.

Sounds like a big change, huh? It might not be. You may already eat most of the foods needed for a well balanced diet, just not in the right portions. Cut down quantities, replace starches with whole grains, and you can still even eat cake while losing weight .

The key to maintaining a healthy diet is planning. When you fail to plan you miss meals, that leads to binge eating. When you fail to plan you often find yourself at the mercy of a fast food restaurant or a friend whose menu leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to healthy foods. Plan meals in advance, including for occasions like parties and social gatherings. It only takes a few questions to find out what's being served and plan the days other meals accordingly to not eat too much. Don't let a failure discourage you. Sometimes you'll eat the wrong things. But when you get bucked off get right back on. Get back to the diet.

As for exercise do 3 minutes of aerobic exercise seven days a week. That's the goal, don't worry if you miss a day here or there. Add extra exercise such as parking further from the store or office for a little walk, or using stairs instead of the elevator.

Combine the healthy every day diet with exercise for the quickest way to lose weight.

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