Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Green Tea Side Effects"

"Green Tea Side Effects"

Green tea is a natural product, and may be even be purchased as organically grown. There are no problematic or serious health side effects from drinking green tea, and the two issues that frequently occur are simply a matter of your body adjusting to the consumption of the green tea.

The first issue or side effect that can occur when you start to drink green tea is that you notice that you will require more frequent trips to the restroom. This is simply because of the cleansing effect of the tea, plus the increase in the fluids that you are consuming. Green tea helps to rid the body of free radicals that can cause cancers, immune system problems, as well as increase your chances of getting colds and the flu. As your body adjusts to the increase in fluid intake your system will naturally cleanse itself and then return to normal.

In addition there is a small amount of caffeine in green tea. For people that are already coffee drinkers the amount of caffeine is much less, so you will normally not notice any difference. For those that are not coffee or tea drinkers, you may notice that you have trouble sleeping for the first week or two drinking green tea. You can help your body adjust by not drinking any green tea or other caffeine containing beverages for at least six hours before you plan to go to sleep. In addition you should drink more tea in the morning and early afternoon than in the late afternoon or early evening. Very rarely is someone very sensitive to caffeine, and if you find that you are cut back on the amount consumed until you find a balance in the amount that you can drink and still get to sleep at night. In addition there is now some decaffeinated brands of green tea available on the market that might be worth investigating.

The benefits of green tea far outweigh the two possible side effects. Using a bit of planning and giving you body time to adjust to adding green tea will be a worthwhile and positive change in your daily diet.

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