Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Green Tea Liquid Extract

"Green Tea Liquid Extract"

Green tea liquid extract is made of green tea leaves just like traditional green tea, but is concentrated to provide a very high dosage of the ECGC and other beneficial polyphenols found in green tea. It is sold in liquid form, and can be mixed in with either hot or cold water for a refreshing and pleasant tasting beverage.

One might think that a concentration of green tea would be bitter and awful tasting, but the liquid green tea extracts on the market are actually very pleasant tasting, many with a lemon or natural tea flavor. Usually the green tea liquid extract contains no added sugars or artificial sweeteners when purchased, but of course they can be added to the beverage when it is made.

Green tea liquid extract is usually decaffeinated, so there are no concerns about drinking it and ending up with the caffeine jitters. Green tea extract is added to water at a rate of 1 ml per glass of hot or cold water twice a day. This concentration would be equivalent to drinking approximately 10 cups of green tea per day. Because it is decaffeinated there is no concerns about drinking it in the evening as a relaxing warm drink before going to bed.

The benefits of using the green tea liquid extract are numerous. It contains all the chemical properties of traditional green tea but requires none of the preparation and brewing that regular tea requires. It is very easy to take with you if you are traveling or on vacation, or simply want to enjoy the benefits of green tea at the office. It comes in small bottles that are easily carried in a purse or a brief case, and you don’t need to worry about finding hot water like you would for traditional green tea.

If you have been considering green tea, but thought it was too much trouble, consider trying green tea liquid extract.

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