Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Tea Diet

"Green Tea Diet"

The green tea diet is not one of those extremely hard to follow, carbohydrate, fat or calorie counting diets. It requires no special measuring or food preparation; rather it involves the simple addition of green tea to your daily consumption of food. There are so many positives to drinking green tea that even if weight loss is not your goal the health benefits make it a worthwhile addition to any diet.

To add green tea to your diet is as simple as drinking green tea on a daily basis in place of tea or coffee before, during or after meals. The more green tea that you consume the better, but even if you can only drink one or two cups a day you will still get the benefits. Most green tea diets recommend that you drink four to six servings of green tea per day to get the maximum effect. In China and Japan where green tea has been used for thousands of years many people drink up to 10 servings or more a day of green tea. For most people this amount is just not possible, so most herbalists recommend four to five eight-ounce glasses per day as a compromise.

If you do not like the flavor of green tea there are other alternatives to adding it to your diet. There is a green tea liquid extract that can be added to other food items and has very little taste when used this way. In addition there are also green tea capsules and pills that can be taken twice daily that have no taste whatsoever.

There really is no excuse to not add green tea to your diet. The pleasant flavor and positive attributes of this tea make it a natural for both weight loss and overall health.

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