Saturday, October 25, 2008

Facial Exercise is the Best Investment for Long Term Beauty

Facial Exercise is the Best Investment for Long Term Beauty

Imagine taking a big wad of hundred dollar bills and flushing them. If you use injections that plump and paralyze you are experiencing the equivalent of doing just that.

Think that $2,000 or more for a tissue-tightening, frightfully painful Thermage treatment is any different? In addition to flushing the money down the drain, you are putting yourself through needless torture for the remote possibility that you will hopefully look younger once the promised effects actually occur.

What are you hoping to gain?

If you wish for a younger looking face, you will have to change your thinking because having your face injected, cut, sutured or deeply heated with an electrical device will not return your face to the look you remember.

The face you desire is your face ten to fifteen years ago.

When your fresh face began to fail you, you probably ran first to the drugstore, then to the dermatologist and you found your way to plastic surgery just hoping that the lotions, potions and their bag of tricks could somehow return the face you remembered.

You know the one: tight forehead, no wrinkles vertically or horizontally, bright open eyes with no visible crow's feet, nasal labial folds and marionette lines were not a possibility and that dreaded wattle was only worn by dear Aunt Joan. Your face was so beautiful and you loved everything about you.

Now the look of old is quickly appearing and you realize that even after willingly spending thousands and thousands of dollars on vanity serums with several nlps and tucks, liposuction and more, you could easily spend that amount again and never see the end in sight.

How depressing!

Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Consider this: just how many injections of paralyzing and plumping chemicals can your face endure before it begins to look a little freakish? How many cuts and sutures can your face tolerate before you are wearing the wind-tunnel look? And, the other modalities offered may contribute to speeding up the aging process when indeed they promise to help you look younger.

What if these menus of services are just a bunch of hooey designed to lighten your wallet time and time again because the aging process continues no matter which method you choose.

Sagging facial features are not very attractive and if you have doubts that using expensive "quick fix solutions" may not produce the desired results while you frivolously spend your hard earned cash your thinking is on track.

There is a safe and sane solution that deals directly with droopy facial features. A simple facial exercise program will tighten, contour and lift your face.

Isometric and resistance training works for the body and the same principles will work for the face.

Fingers, thumbs and white cotton gloves are all you need to lift sagging eyebrows, cheeks, jowls, pouches and more. These movements that require only 35 seconds each can be performed in the privacy of your home; you don't need to purchase any special equipment nor do you have to make an appointment with a licensed professional to enjoy spectacular results that can have you looking ten to fifteen years younger in less time than you thought possible.

For long-term beauty it is evident that facial exercise is superior to cuts, sutures and injections. Faces that forego these costly invasive procedures and opt instead for natural beauty through exercise will never look hard, done or over done.

One final point: we have all seen photos of plastic surgery gone wrong. It could happen to you even if you have carefully chosen the ideal practitioner. When you see celebrities' face work that isn't quite right, please remind yourself that they can afford the very best but their results do not always portray a younger look. What can you expect?

With facial exercise there are no surprises, you look like you only better!

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