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How to Lose Weight - 5 Tips to Help You Burn the Fat and Keep it Off

How to Lose Weight - 5 Tips to Help You Burn the Fat and Keep it Off

Losing a significant amount of weight can be challenging, however sometimes keeping it off is even harder. There are several weight loss programs that explain how to lose the weight, however here are five ways to keep it off for good.

Tip #1: Don't use a crash diet plan.

Crash diets are not fast weight loss alternatives. You may lose a lot of water weight and carbs, however you're}you're also left feeling tired and drained. Your metabolic rate will slow down and your body can't burn the fat as well as it should. Rather, you may actually gain weight when you start eating normally again because your body is storing all the food it can just in case you use a fad diet again.

Tip #2: Avoid anything that says "diet" or that it's low fat.

It's not necessary to stop eating all of the foods you love. If you don't occasionally satisfy your cravings you'll be more likely to binge. You're better off satisfying your cravings with a small portion occasionally then avoiding the food completely.

Tip #3: Avoid sports drinks and diet beverages.

Stick to water as your primary beverage when you are dieting. It doesn't contain any calories, and no chemical ingredients. Soda pop - including diet soda - fruit drinks, and whole milk should all be reduced removed from your diet and eliminate a lot of calories. Replace whole milk with skim or soymilk, as you still need the calcium in your diet.

Tip #4: Start exercising right away.

Thirty to forty-five minutes of aerobic activity three to five times a week will help you lose weight. Even if you're physically limited, move around instead of sitting still. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Take walks every day. You understand.

Tip #5. Stay away from buffets.

I know that this is a tough one. The fact of the matter is that buffets are the worst thing for someone trying to lose weight. You may have the best of intentions going in, this is playing a losing game.

Someone once asked a famous U.S. Olympian, who'd battled weight problems most of his life, how he managed to keep it off. His response was something to the effect of "when I I'm craving chocolate cake I have to ask myself what I want more, chocolate cake or to go to the Olympics?" He came to the realization that the Olympics were more important to him than the cake.

This is something you'll have to to choose. Is the body you want more important than eating the food? Is your health, your family, your self esteem, etc? You'll have to find the reason "Why" you want to lose weight. Once you've come to that conclusion then your battle is half won.

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