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How to Clear Acne and Find the Best Acne Cure

How to Clear Acne and Find the Best Acne Cure

I was at a point where I didn't care.
If the doctor said to rub poo over my face and it would work. I would've done it, plus if you are
pregnant or have health or allergy issues, your doctor can point you in the right direction.

**Over the counter treatments:
Do these work? I know some folks who used a type of soap and
it worked wonders. There are many types of treatments that when used properly can have
great effects.

Many of these don't work and many may make your acne worse, by drying out your skin
or backfiring against the natural chemicals in your body. These are great to try and I have had
success with some of these like neutrogena, but for more severe types of acne, I don't think
these work as well.

**Non-prescription treatments or step treatment as I call it:
You see ads all the time that weren't around years ago. Specialists and scientists have
studied how to clear acne for years and have realized that certain mixes can truly get
rid of those pesky red bumps. There have been studies, success stories, and more to back up
these claims.

I will admit that I am a success story for one of these products, but I also
used some that didn't work (so don't let that discourage you). It can be an expense that
adds up, but ask yourself if looking in the mirror or talking someone face to face is worth
it. If you're a teen, as most of us are when we realize acne, then perhaps discuss this
with your parents or use money from a part time job to pay for it. I had the cheapest parents
in the world, so this was a challenge.

The only problem you have now is spending tons of money trying the many ones that are out there.
The key is to tie your skin type and acne type to the ingredients and find a treatment strategy
that will work. For instance, the one I still use today says to do the steps two times per day,
and I only use it two times per week max to really clean my face. Otherwise I break out
from dryness.

**Healthcare and Other Best Acne Cure treatments:
Some other secrets or tips I discovered along the way included vitamins and minerals
that not only made me feel good, but helped my skin. Eating healthy, exercising, and
other health-conscious methods seemed to assist as well. Plus, once I added
water filtration into my life, it gave that final push to clear skin forever.

**Scar treatment:
This is the final method if you have gotten rid of your acne and want to smooth out your
skin so you can put the innner and outer scars of acne behind you forever. I am not a
medical professional, so my best advice on this is to really do your research, ask for
referrals from others, and choose the best method based on due diligence. We could go all
day about removing scars, but that is another article.

Folks, I like you, hate acne and want to help others not suffer through this monsterous
disease. Learning how to clear acne and finding the best acne cure is doable yet

Don't give up because I believe there is a treatment or combo of treatments out there for everyone.

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