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The Essential Healthy Weight Loss Tips for All Dieters

The Essential Healthy Weight Loss Tips for All Dieters

Every weight loss program has its minor differences here and there so it is easy for people to find one that works the best for them. But with all of these different programs, there are some principles that should be present as the foundation for all of these weight loss programs, especially since the majority, if not all, of the weight loss programs available keep advertising that you can lose weight super quick.

My personal belief is based in natural health so I believe that any changes you make, weight loss or anything else, should be done safely, no matter how fast or slow you go about it. So here are the core fast weight loss principles that I believe every weight loss program out there should believe:

Fast Weight Loss Principle #1: Goals are extremely important. Without goals, you will not know where you're going with your weight loss program. Take the time to plan out on paper (or at least jot down a general idea) the goals you have for losing weight: number of pounds you want to lose, number of inches you want to shed, number of months you feel you can achieve it in.

By doing this and looking at your goals everyday, you will be able to focus so well on your end goal, that your weight loss program will speed by with fantastic results. During any down moments, by focusing daily on your weight loss goal, you will be able to motivate yourself into success!

Fast Weight Loss Principle #2: Monitor your progress. Keep a weight loss journal (or call it what you want) with you everyday. Don't think of it as a tedious task but instead, focus on the improvements you will be able to see yourself making. Think of it as you are currently writing your weight loss success story that you can look back on and say, "Yes, I did it!"

The things you will want to monitor are the types of foods you eat as well as a rough estimate of the daily calorie intake, which is important for weight loss but not in a "You need to count calories" idea. By making yourself familiar with your daily calorie intake as well as the types of foods you eat, weight loss will become easier as you go on because you will learn what you need to do to lose weight (the specifics can change day by day).

Fast Weight Loss Principle #3: Picture your progress. It may seem silly but simple things like taking note of how your pants fit on day 1 versus day 20 or even taking a picture of yourself at regular intervals can really do wonders to motivate you and keep you going with your weight loss.

If you opt for the picture idea, your weight loss will be very clear to you in those pictures each week or month (go with week instead). So to keep yourself going, ham it up for the camera!

Fast Weight Loss Principle #4: Bottom line, cardio plus strength training are key. Beyond that, just find exercises in both cardio and strength training that fit your liking. If you're not much for running, then go for swimming or bicycling.

For strength training, it is best to consult a personal trainer to find out the best exercises as well as a variety of exercises for you to use to achieve your weight loss and sculpting goals. With both cardio and strength training, it is important to consult your physician before beginning the physical portion of your weight loss program.

Fast Weight Loss Principle #5: Eat right. Yes, you've probably heard that phrase everywhere and there's a reason why it's absolutely essential that you make sure you eat right.

Now, each weight loss program will tell you certain things to avoid and certain things to "highlight" but make sure that the weight loss program you choose definitely includes plenty of meats and vegetables. (I can't imagine that any program would advise you against eating meat and vegetables but you never know.)

The quantities and types of each will, as I said, differ depending on the specific weight loss program you choose but make sure the one you choose does include those two food groups.

As there are many people with different likings, there are also very different weight loss programs that will fit each person's individual preferences. But it's wise to make sure that the weight loss program you choose has a balanced foundation with principles that will really help you lose weight quickly and safely.

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