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Antioxidant Supplement

Antioxidant Supplement

Anti aging skin care is made possible by a variety of techniques: Botox, face lifts, microdermabrasion, facials and chemical peels. All of these procedures were developed to help improve the skin condition, and reduce lines like wrinkles and they are all very popular.

However, do you know that taking natural antioxidant supplement also ensure that youthful glow and wrinkle-free skin? Vitamins are naturally occurring substances that are needed to maintain overall body health. Many anti aging skin care products made today contain antioxidant multi vitamin in their formulation. When applied or taken on a daily basis, these antioxidant supplement help the skin regenerate better, avoiding spots and wrinkles.

Below are some explanations on the uses of vitamins in skin care.

Vitamin A – Helps in normal cell division and cell growth. It also protects mucous membranes and the skin by warding off infectious organisms like viruses and bacteria. Retinoids, which are derivatives of Vitamin A, have shown promising results in skin care because of their antioxidant properties. Fine line and wrinkles are reduced because skin toxins are avoided. Retin-A and Renova are anti aging supplement that contains Vitamin A.

Vitamin B – Retains moisture in the skin. Vitamin B helps maintain that health glow and avoids skin irritations, example: Niacin or Vitamin B-3, which is an additive in many cosmetic creams and facial products. Biotin, or Vitamin B-7 is also effective in preventing skin disease and hair loss.

Vitamin C – Also known as ascorbic acid, improves the body’s immunity to diseases. Vitamin C helps the skin recover after sun damage because of its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help destroy free radicals, as caused by pollution and sun exposure, that can be toxic to the body.

Vitamin E - Repair skin damage due to sun exposure, as well as in maintaining moisture in the skin.

Vitamin K – Is effective against wrinkles and even dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin K has the ability to assist in blood flow as well as in skin elasticity. Skin becomes more elastic as Vitamin K prevents the calcification of skin tissues.

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