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What Causes Hair Loss?

What Causes Hair Loss?
by Kristie Chiles
Factors To Men Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that can be attributed to a lot of factors. Hair loss is the thinning of hair on the head. There are many different shapes and forms of hair loss. Men hair loss problems can occur at any age starting from adolescence while others experience this earlier. This condition, be it women or men hair loss, can deeply affect some people. This is the reason why many people strive to hold on to their strands as long as they possibly can.

Genes Play A Big Role

One of the main factors that lead to men hair loss is the genetic contribution by our forefathers. Our genes carry the outline of our lives and these can dictate the kind of physical and mental attributes we might have as we grow. On the other hand, there may also be outside factors that contribute to men hair loss that is not included in genetics. Just because there are some males in your family tree that have receding hairlines of bald spots does not necessarily mean that you will, too. It will depend on how strong the hair gene is with you.

Health and Stress Problems Can Affect Your Hair

Stress also plays a part in some men hair loss cases. People who are stressed tend to be dismissive of their health and they may lack the necessary nutrients to keep up their locks. Another thing that stress may contribute to in male hair loss is the amount of stress that our body can take. Some conditions may crop up when a person is severely stressed and these can have manifestations such as hair loss.

Many other health conditions can also play a role in temporary or short-term hair loss. Some conditions include hormone fluctuations. Definitely medical treatments such as chemotherapy can affect hair growth which is only temporary while genetic conditions tend to be more permanent in nature. In some rare cases, it is the person who is suffering from mental distress that actually pulls out their own hair that can lead to spots of baldness.

Since not all men's hair loss can be stopped nor regained, many men do a lot of things to correct their baldness. There are times that thinning hair does grow healthy and strong but ultimately, once the follicles come out, you can never regain what is not there anymore since follicles are the roots of hair.

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