Thursday, August 14, 2008

Three Reasons for Female Baldness

Three Reasons for Female Baldness
by Kristie Chiles

Undue Stress and Genetic Inherited Tendencies Can Cause Hair Loss in Women

Today, many women are losing their hair and this happens can happen suddenly. Women in our society are already obsessed with the beauty of their hair and the color of their hair, this makes it even harder to bear. There are several factors to point to if a woman suddenly loses her hair and you must examine each one to see if this applies to your own personal situation.

Family History

If you look at Aunt Bessie or Cousin Sallie and their hair is falling out suddenly, you too may face the same fate with sudden hair loss. Talk to them and find out when this sudden hair loss began and what they did about it, especially if you could never tell they had sudden hair loss.

Secondly, we will look at the killer of many things, including hair follicles - stress. Women, and I am one so I speak from personal experience, go through ups and downs emotionally which affects us physically. Hair loss or sudden hair loss can be a sign of what is happening internally.

Women are one big walking-around loaded chock full of hormones kind of people. I am one so I can say that with confidence. When these balances are out of whack, all chaos can break loose in your body, physically, emotionally and psychologically. This can result in a lack of hair growth and can lead to sudden or gradual hair loss.

Harsh chemicals used on women's hair can often lead to damage of the scalp. The scalp contains the hair roots or hair follicles which can lead to permanent hair damage. Be careful with hair styling gels and mouses with large amounts of alcohol which can damage these precious roots that nurture your hair.

When a woman or man is faced with health problems, sometimes the medications prescribed can have sudden hair loss as a side effect. When a medicine is prescribed for you, ask specifically about the damaging side effects, in particular to your hair growth.

If you are experiencing sudden hair loss, any or all of these factors could be applied to you. Ask your beautician and your doctor what the underlying causes are and treat them accordingly before they get worse.

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