Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Fast Weight Loss Really Worth It?

Is Fast Weight Loss Really Worth It?

If you think you can avail yourself of any magic formula that will reduce your weight dramatically or a diet pill/fast weight loss pill that will work magic on your flab, then you are sadly mistaken.

Don't get duped by those advertisements of slimming and fitness centers claiming effective and safe LOSE 6-POUNDS IN 6 DAYS and WE GUARANTEE 4-INCH REDUCTION OF WAIST LINE IN 4 DAYS without side effects. These are all hoaxes, and the same holds true for slimming capsules.

These wonder remedies are often dangerous, upset your body's hormonal balance and wreak havoc in your system, after you have spent lumpsome amounts for their guaranteed fast weight loss programs.

If you are that desperate about losing your weight without controlling your food cravings or without doing any form of exercise, you may consider surgical methods of removing fat like liposuction and laparoscopy. But for that you have to consult your physician.

Doctors will recommend surgery only when the obesity is severe and all other kinds of weight loss treatments have failed to yield results. You can artificially reduce the size of your bulging belly through bariatric surgery or through tummy tuck operations.

The former works by restricting the consumption of food energy. Liposuction and laparoscopic surgeries are minimally invasive surgeries that draw out the fat from your problem areas. Celebrities reportedly get rid of their cellulite through liposuction techniques.

Instead of spending thousands on these expensive surgeries (at times these are reports of botched surgeries!), why don't you consider a more healthy way of acquiring a less plump figure/physique? Fat burning exercises are a great way of keeping flab at bay without resorting to any gimmicky fad diets or crash diets which harm your body.

Cycling , swimming, running outdoors for an hour, playing football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, cricket, gymming, resistance training, weight lifting or muscle building exercises, cardiovascular exercises, even dancing and power yoga combined with aerobic exercises are the best methods of losing weight naturally, especially if they are combined with a proper healthy diet charted out by your dietician or nutritionist.

Your surgically reduced body will start bloating up if you loosen your reins and start stuffing yourself with junk food, topped off with sedentary lifestyle. You will have to continue with your regular moderate to heavy exercising for an hour or so every day, in order to retain your surgically reduced body in best shape.

If you think diets are the best ways of weight loss, then you will be bombarded with scores and scores of fad diets - 1 day diet, 3 day diet, 7 day or fortnight diet, detox diet, ATKINS , MIAMI, SOUTH BEACH , SUBWAY, GENERAL MOTORS, RAW FOOD diet, THE ZONE etc.

Most of these diets are extremely unhealthy and result in dramatic weight loss. That is why looks-obsessed Hollywood celebrities and waif thin fashion models endorse these miracle diets. But your doctor will always advise you against trying out these fad diets.

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