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How to Get Shiny, Healthy Hair

How to Get Shiny, Healthy Hair
By Charles Dujic

The best way to shiny healthy hair is to avoid damaging it in the first place. If you chemically treat your hair with color, perms or relaxers, it’s advised that you get it done in a salon. A good hairstylist knows how to get the results that you want and is able to do so with the least amount of damage. That being said, the care that you take of your hair at home will also help boost the shine factor. Firstly, stay away from overuse of dryers and irons and let your hair air dry whenever possible.

Next, use a mild shampoo and conditioner that gently cleanses and treats the hair. Most salons carry products that are recommended by professionals, so this is a great starting point. I personally like Pureology products due to the color protection and natural ingredients in their formulations.

Try to always condition your hair after shampooing, the conditioner helps the hair cuticle to lay flat, therefore encouraging shine, …and be sure to rinse your conditioner out with cool water to help keep the cuticle in tact. Last but not least, do a treatment masque regularly. For some people that means once a month and for others that means once a week. The best way to judge is by the way your hair feels. If the ends tangle easily and feel rough, you are a candidate for more regular use of the masque. Remember when using, to concentrate most of the product on the lengths and ends of your hair. This part of the hair has been on your head the longest and therefore has been subjected to environmental as well as physical stress, and will benefit most from this type of treatment.

An inexpensive way to add sheen to hair, is by taking a very small amount of a natural oil, like almond oil, and rub it on the surface, of the lengths and ends of your hair. I like to apply this to slightly damp hair as it helps the product penetrate the hair more. Be sure to stay away from the scalp as this area of hair tends to need less oil and can get greasy looking if too much concentrates here. On a final note, if used in moderation there are many silicone based products out there that will add intense shine to the hair: I like Bumble and Bumble’s finishing balm from their “Treatment” line of products.

My best advice is to start by taking good care of your hair in the first place and the shine will come naturally - as opposed to looking for the quick fix in a miracle product.

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