Monday, August 25, 2008

Easy Way to Lose Weight

Easy Way to Lose Weight

what happened the gym membership. What about all the great ideas of walking three times a week .
Weightloss just isn't happening.

Feel better, you are not alone!

How many of us arrive home tired at the end of the working day, wanting to just chill out and plonk ourselves down in front of the TV just in time for the Simpsons, telling ourselves that tomorrow night we are back to the gym. Well stop feeling guilty. A recent study in the American Journal of hypertension shows that lying or sitting still for 15-20 mins a day with your mind active can reduce your blood pressure. So give yourself 20 mins on the sofa and try not to doze off!

If the stress of work is getting to you and you feel the need for Therapy then may I suggest a pet instead. Research has shown that pet owners are likely to live longer, feel more positive and stress free. Whereas human relationships at work and at home can sometimes be complicated and heavy laden with emotions, a relationship with a pet offers unconditional love and acceptance. This has a calming effect and so reduces our stress and also our loneliness. This will then manifest itself both mentally and physically in our bodies. Healthy mind healthy body. Pets also make us feel secure and accepted which in turn affects our self-esteem.

Now before you rush off to buy a pet make sure that you are looking for one that is suitable for your lifestyle, the size of your home and the personalities in your family.

Right here we go !..... you have got yourself on the sofa, you re thinking of getting a pet, now why not order yourself a nice curry from the local takeaway. All of us know that the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories and we consume. We can reduce our food intake,we can exercise to use up the calories and so it should all work out and we will lose weight. It all sounds simple? There are foods that have negative calorific effects, they are fat burning. These foods produce enzymes that break down their own content but also break down other calorific content from food already eaten... these are known as thermogenic foods and they include- garlic,chillies.tomatoes,spinach,cauliflower,broccoli,onion,raspberries and grapefruit. Ginger, cloves, cayenne, coriander, bay leaves and dry mustard are also thermogenic. So go ahead and order your chilli carryout and don't feel bad!

You've ordered your curry so now you need to flick through the channels and find a comedy. Medical research has shown that when we laugh the endothelium-single layer of cells lining the blood vessels-enlarge and therefore increase the blood flow. This will protect against heart disease. As they say...laughter is the best medicine.

Healthy living and losing weight is not all about pounding it out on a treadmill and eating celery. Recent research has indicated that there are many different ways of losing weight. The evidence will surprise you!

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