Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can You Eat Junk Food And Lose Weight?

Can You Eat Junk Food And Lose Weight?
by Roland du Preez

On and off I've tried many weight loss diets, until finally there were some things that made sense to me. I couldn't stick to any of them for more than a few days, I was lousy at weight loss diets. I would always find an excuse to break free.

I used to envy the people who could start a diet and stay on it, and I commended them for following them and making the diet plans work for them, but I don't envy them any more.

A break through in my thinking made me realize that I could lose pounds without actually being on a diet plan. All it took was using common sense and making some lifestyle changes.

1. Eat snack size meals throughout the day

Many years my doctor told me to eat more often but smaller portions because I am hypoglycemic. I didn't bother, because hamburgers & fries, pizza and beer were the things I loved.

Now I eat 5 smaller meal portions through the day and I feel great, because I'm not hungry all the time. My body works more efficiently than when I was eating twice a day and I'm losing more weight.

7 2. Eat the foods you like

If all you like is pancakes and chocolate bars you will not lose weight.

Following a diet plan would mean that you have to stop eating most of the food you like. It makes sense because these were what caused you to gain weight in the first place so stop eating them to lose weight also makes sense, but why is it that you cannot still eat your favorite food and lose weight?

It is possible; you just need to control what you eat and how often you eat junk food.

My secret is to still eat my favorite food, but being sensible. I just have to limit my favorite junk food meals to a few times a week, but that's fine.

3. Good Nutrition

I had to adapt and learn that proper nutrition was very important and that good, nutritional food wad not only low in calories but also good for me. Basically eating healthy food that is good for me.

4. Do some exercise.

About 4 sessions a week of 25 minutes of aerobic exercises is the key to getting your metabolism in high gear and getting your body strong and trim.

If you hate exercising change your outlook, get somebody to do it with you. Aerobic exercises like swimming, running and power walking are great, but find something you like because without exercise you are going to have a hard time losing weight.

My weight loss secret is using a combination of the above and just doing it. I didn't' know in the beginning if I was just fooling myself into another diet.

Not stuffing yourself, using common sense and not stuffing yourself is the key to breaking old eating habits - it's worked for me for the last 7 years.

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