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Natural Ways to Cure Acne - 5 Simple Natural Cures for Adult Acne

Natural Ways to Cure Acne - 5 Simple Natural Cures for Adult Acne
by Rees Sklear

Today there are many adults who are dealing with acne, although many people seem to think that acne is a problem that only teenagers deal with. Unfortunately, acne can follow you into your adult years or even show up for the first time in adulthood as well. With so many drug scares on the market today, many adults are beginning to look for natural cures for adult acne. Well, you're in luck, since there are truly many excellent natural ways to cure acne.

Drink Plenty of Water Drinking a lot of water is one of the natural cures for acne. 10 or more glasses of water per day help your body to eliminate the impurities and toxins which can cause or exacerbate skin conditions such as acne. Ample water will also make your skin well moisturized.

Massage Therapy Helps to Heal Skin Though it doesn't occur at first to most people when they are thinking of natural cures for adult acne, massage can be very helpful in clearing up skin conditions such as acne. This is because massage helps to restore proper circulation, which does wonders for your skin.

Lemon Juice Treatment Lemon juice offers an excellent way to naturally cure your acne as well. All you'll need is a lemon. Take the rind off the lemon and then cut it up into small cubes. Take a cube of lemon and simply rub it on the affect skin. Allow the juice to sit on the skin for about 10 minutes, and then you can rinse it off with warm water.

Tea Tree Oil Tea tree is a well known natural treatment and cure for adult acne and this method has been used for a very long time now. You, must however dilute this oil before applying it to your skin - tea tree oil is an antibacterial substance which can assist in clearing up acne, but can irritate skin if applied undiluted.

Cucumber and Tomato Treatments Believe it or not, taking the juice from cucumbers or tomatoes and applying it to your face is another of many excellent natural cures for adult acne. Merely leave the juice on your skin for about five minutes before washing it off. Within a few weeks, you should start seeing a difference.

There are a lot of great natural cures for adult acne available. With a little research, you can learn both how effective these remedies are as well as learning more about the hazards of the chemically based treatments on the market. You can then choose natural cures which will give you clearer skin, free of side effects and worries.

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