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Important Facts About Your Stretch Mark Solution

Important Facts About Your Stretch Mark Solution
by Maia Pells

Selecting an effective stretch mark solution can take a lot of time and even then, it doesn't guarantee us 100% effectiveness. This is because skins vary and differ from person to person. The stretch mark solution for you may not necessarily be the stretch mark solution for me. However, we can look into several stretch mark solution facts that are based on skin components common in all skin types in order for us to choose the best stretch mark solution.

Fact #1: Stretch mark solution advice will depend on who is giving it.

It is not surprising to get different stretch mark solution advice from different people. You dermatologist may advise you that the best stretch mark solution would be a dermabrasion session while your surgeon may advise you to go for surgery. The truth is that every stretch mark solution option has its own pros and cons.

Dermabrasion may be a less invasive solution than surgery but it does not directly remove the stretch mark scars. It only drastically exfoliates the top layer of the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells in order to make room for new ones. But since stretch marks develop from the inner layers of the skin, dermabrasion may not yield very lasting effects if you want your stretch marks removed.

Surgery is more effective as a stretch mark solution but it is more risky, more invasive as well as costly. Stretch mark surgery is also not available for all parts of the body and as of the moment, only tummy tuck is available to remove abdominal stretch mark. Unfortunately, tummy tuck can result to weeks of discomfort and pain, not to mention the high danger of infection as well a the possibility of a more visible scar.

Fact #2: The least invasive stretch mark solution is to leave the marks as they are.

Others suggest that you simply refrain from doing anything or applying anything on the scars since time may eventually result in naturally faded scars. This wait and see stretch mark solution however would mean that you have to spend the best years of your life not wearing a bikini, tank tops and mini shorts. Time is also not a guarantee that stretch marks will disappear because you can increase in weight through time, which can make stretch marks worse.

Wearing one-piece suits to the beach and covering your body the whole summer would be half the fun. However, it is better than feeling self-conscious about yourself in front of others.

Fact #3: Practical and natural solutions do not always eliminate stretch marks permanently but they are the safest and most active way to get rid of stretch marks.

Instead of blowing your money over risky medical procedures that are not even guaranteed stretch mark solutions, you can try the natural way. One natural stretch mark solution is to watch your weight. This may sometimes be difficult though since you may not always be able to perfectly limit body expansion especially if you are pregnant. You can always try your best though to maintain a regular diet and keep your self hydrated.

Aerobic and cardio exercises are also other natural stretch mark solutions that will help improve your blood circulation and aid in the proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This will keep your skin elastic, diminishing the chances of getting stretch marks. However, not all exercises work. Muscle building can only result to more stretch mark since your muscle and skin are likely to expand.

To achieve the best possible result, take a natural supplement along with your natural stretch mark solution in order to provide your skin with nutrients that may be lacking from your diet.

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