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Get a Beach-Ready Body: 6 Great Exercises! - Part 1

Get a Beach-Ready Body: 6 Great Exercises!
By Raphael Calzadilla

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Swimsuit weather is knocking on the door and you're feeling the heat. You're deathly afraid of trying on some of your summer clothes and the thought of wearing a bikini is making you cringe.

Let's face facts: you've been lazy and you've been making excuses. Stop! If you don't, you're only going to regret it and continue to be overweight. At some point you must become accountable to yourself.

I'm not suggesting that you have to look like the latest magazine cover model. I just want you to set a goal to lose a specific amount of fat by the end of July.

There is plenty of time to make changes and lose fat. However, it won't happen fast because the human body can only lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week without losing muscle. No worries though. In a short eight weeks, you can lose approximately 12 to 16 pounds of pure body fat. This alone will get you motivated and on the right track. So now you have your goal.

The formula for losing fat never changes: Maintain consistency with one of the many eDiets nutrition programs, weight train to stimulate the metabolism and perform cardiovascular exercise to burn additional calories. Use this strategy and you will get to your goal.

I've designed a workout to burn lots of calories and to stimulate upper and lower body muscles.

Now stop the excuses and let's get to work.

Power Walking

Instruction: Warm-up for five minutes and then power walk for 15 minutes. Generally, a good speed is between 3.5 mph to 4 mph. Immediately go to the next exercise.


Power walking is a mix between walking and running. The technique is more like walking, but the idea is to get to speed closer to running.
Key Points:

Power walking is a safe, low-impact activity that provides a great workout. It is an activity that can be performed year-round, outside, in the gym or at the mall.

Wear comfortable clothing, and most importantly, comfortable walking shoes.

Anyone with the approval of their physician may participate in power walking for cardiovascular fitness.

Barbell Rear SquatBarbell Rear Squat

Instruction: Perform two sets of 20 repetitions and wait no longer than 40 seconds between sets. Then, immediately go to the next exercise.

Starting Position:

Place a barbell or broom stick across the back of your shoulders. Be sure it is not resting on your neck. It should be on the highest part of your back.
Place feet flat on the floor, shoulder-distance apart.

Concentrating on the quadriceps, lower your body by bending from your hips and knees stopping when your thighs are parallel with the floor.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Key Points:

Inhale as you lower your body.
Exhale while returning to the starting position.
Do not let your knees ride over your toes (you should be able to see your feet at all times).
It helps to find a marker on the wall to keep your eye on as you lift and lower. Otherwise, your head may tend to fall forward and your body will follow.
Think about sitting back in a chair as you are lowering down.
Push off with your heels as you return to the starting position.
You may want to try this exercise without weights until you master the movement. It is a very effective exercise that involves most of the muscle groups of the lower body, but if done improperly can lead to injuries.

Dumbbell Incline Chest PressDumbbell Incline Chest Press

Instruction: Perform 12 repetitions for two sets and wait no longer than 30 seconds between sets. Then, immediately go to the next exercise.

Starting Position:

Lie on your back on an incline bench with your spine in a neutral position.
Hold a dumbbell in each hand at chest level with your elbows at a 90-degree angle facing outward and palms facing forward. If you do not have an incline bench or flat bench, simply lie with your back against the floor and perform a chest press.

Contracting the chest muscles, press both arms upward above the chest until the arms are fully extended with a slight bend in the elbows.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Key Points:

Exhale while lifting the weight.
Inhale while returning to the starting position

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