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Weight Loss Exercise Programs - Have Fun Losing Weight

Weight Loss Exercise Programs - Have Fun Losing Weight
by Adrian Fletcher

It is easy to say you are spoiled for choice when it comes down to selecting the right exercise program but this is true and can make deciding difficult. Consulting with your physician is a prudent move when it comes to selecting the type of exercise you should undertake. Regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight or to maintain a steady weight, an exercise program should be paired with healthy eating choices.

Before starting your new weight loss exercise program, it is a good idea for motivation to set a weight goal that you would like to be at a certain juncture, say six months from now. Be realistic in setting this goal, and then set out how much exercise you will have to commit to every day or week in order to reach this goal. This will help you stay on track with the program. a better idea is to break the bigger goal into smaller ones.

A personal trainer can be hired to assist in developing a weight loss exercise program. You can also make your own work out plan schedule by searching for online tools. Another option is to buy a ready made exercise plan like a computer program, chart, or book. These items can aid in tracking the goals for your exercise and diet.

There is one clear weight loss exercise program that exceeds all others: cardiovascular exercise. How much cardiovascular exercise are you getting? Cardiovascular exercises include power walking, biking, and running. Slowly over time, you can build up to 20-50 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week.

If your health is good, you may want to think about strength training type weight loss exercise programs. With strength training, you not only build muscle, but you tone and shape the muscles that you already have. Building muscle is great for weight loss because muscle needs more energy to maintain. An assortment of push-ups, curl ups, and ball squats comprise the core of strength training exercises. If you're new to strength training, choose one exercise per day and do 16 repetitions for best results.

To keep the boredom factor low, you should put a bit of variety into the program. This can range from intensive to non intensive training or different types of exercise all together. So one week you may do some yoga and walking. The next you may do so aerobics or a ball sport. Ideally, you may do bits of each throughout the same week. It is also beneficial because your muscles will keep working and not expect the same things.

Another tip that can keep you on track is to keep an exercise journal. this should record the things you eat, how your exercise went, how much weight you have lost and your general sense of wellbeing. It can help you understand the journey you have started by looking at past days and planning for future days. Always proceed with caution and take a break if you feel lightheaded during exercise. Start small and work up to bigger and longer stretches of exercise. there are no prizes for lifting the heaviest weight or doing two session of aerobics. the only goal is to lose weight in a safe and enjoyable way.

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