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Weight Loss Cleanse in 6 Steps

Weight Loss Cleanse in 6 Steps
by Cindy Papp

A weight loss cleanse is more effective than a strict diet that can utilize much of your time and energy. At the same time, cleansing helps clear built up toxins from your body which may be stored in and around fat cells and it can help reset your metabolism. While cleansing, you can learn what foods make you feel sick and tired and what foods give you more energy.

Your weight loss cleanse can be made easier when you keep things simple. Forget the measuring or counting calories. By following these steps, you no longer have to read and analyze fat grams, calories or sodium. You will also learn how healthy eating and nutrition can give you the energy and metabolism that keeps weight off for good.

Step 1 - Quit eating all junk food. All of us know what they are. The list includes; ice cream, chips, sodas, candies, french fries, and fat foods (I meant fast foods). These foods are loaded with fat hoarding chemicals than can get stored in fat tissues and make you look more bloated. And they may even interfere with thyroid function. They add weight and may even make it very difficult to lose weight.

Step 2 - Eat as few processed foods as possible. This means foods that are packaged and/or pre-made designed to save time. Do a reality check and see if it really does save you time. For example, you can chop some lettuce and veggies to throw a salad together in about the same time it takes to open and heat a can of soup. If you really do want the packaged food, look for the equivalent at a health food store. Check the ingredients - the less your food has, the better. More ingredients means more processing. A weight loss cleanse should help your body eliminate harmful ingredients.

Step 3 - Make the bulk of your meals fresh and whole. Eat mostly fruits and veggies. After that eat protein the size of your palm and 1/2 a serving of grains such as wild rice. Put the food on your plate and make sure 1/2 to 3/4 of the plate is filled with vegetables. None of these foods will have labels because they are whole, natural foods. If you use sauces to cook with, keep them to a minimum and try to find organic if possible. Drink only water and herbal teas.

Step 4 - Take fiber twice a day. Use a supplement such as crushed flax seeds or psyllium. These types of fiber can help absorb toxins from your intestinal tract and add bulk to help remove more waste. Taking fiber 10-15 minutes before your meals can help you feel fuller, sooner.

Step 5 - During your weight loss cleanse, supplement your nutrition by adding whole food supplements to your daily regimen. This should include a whole food vitamin so you are sure to get all your vitamins and minerals. Using a product that is made from "whole foods" as opposed to the synthetic version will ensure your body uses most of the nutrients without causing toxic side-effects. Also take EFA's or Essential Fatty Acids. This supplement supplies oils that your body needs to keep joints mobile, skin and hair healthy, balance your hormones, are necessary for proper brain function for healthy moods - and they help you lose weight!

Step 6 - Incorporate daily exercise utilizing the circuit training effect. Circuit training burns more fat and calories and breaks up your routine to make exercise more effective. Exercise raises metabolism, boosts your mood, stimulates circulation and can help your body clear excess waste and weight.

Try circuit training at home by alternating aerobic type exercise with resistance exercise. You can do this without special equipment, if you choose. Put on some music to help set the tone and choose resistance exercise you want to do which may include push-ups, squats and lunges. Choose four to six exercises with a goal of performing three sets of each. Do a set of resistance exercise (say 12 squats) followed by one minute of aerobic exercise. You can jump rope, use an exercise bike if you have one, or even use a rebounder. Follow this by another set of resistance and then another minute of aerobics. Continue this way until you exercise for a total of 30-40 minutes.

Write out these six steps and post them where you will read them every day. Don't eat in restaurants for now and instead, collect recipes for whole foods. You can find many free ones on the net! Use a weight loss cleanse so you can be summer-ready with a healthier body and mind.

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