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Some of the Best Over the Counter Acne Treatments

Some of the Best Over the Counter Acne Treatments
Author: James Bruce

While dermatologists normally treat moderate to harsh cases of acne, it is possible to treat mild acne breakouts at home. Best over the counter treatments that have such composite as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and sulfur are frequently used to heal acne, however each works little differently.

While using best over the counter acne treatment, get aware of the possible side effects like skin irritation, burning or else redness that might lessen with continual use of a product. If indication persist or else worsen, talk to your dermatologist. You might need to consult dermatologist to observe which healing type is most excellent for your skin kind, acne type and series of breakouts. Your doctor might also advocate a prescription medicine to help manage breakouts.

This set of treatments comprises antibiotics, tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, adapalene as well as azelaic acid. With all the treatments, over the counter or medicine, products might need to be used only for 8 weeks or else more before the results are visible.

In early stage of ongoing war with the acne, majority people go to the pharmacy to purchase best over the counter treatment or medication. There are lots of treatments accessible for acne that can be a complex decision. Suggestion from friends is not reliable technique for making choice, as what work for 1 person might not work very well for another. You can get more informed selection about which acne product to try by knowing the active ingredients in various acne medicines.

Benzoyl Peroxide

it is the most accepted ingredients in the acne medications, the benzoyl peroxide is obtainable in gels as well as ointments. It kills bacteria, which causes pimples as well as help to remove dead skin cells, which build up on surface of your skin. These types of dead skin cells, while combined with the sebum (oil), generate blackheads and whiteheads. The dry skin is an only side effect that can be minimized with less recurrent application. It has bleaching effect, thus avoid hair and clothing while applying it.

Salicylic Acid

This is a popular acne ingredient that clears up the dead skin cells, which clog all your pores. Continued employ even after skin has cleared up is essential to avoid the future acne outburst. Again, side effect is dry, aggravated skin.


Resorcinol causes top coating of skin to peel that removes dead skin cells, which clog the pores. Resorcinol is frequently joined with sulphur.


Because of strong, unlikable odor, sulphur is generally combined with few other elements. How it works is unidentified, but it has been used efficiently for decades. The sulphur is often mixed with salicylate acid plus benzoyl peroxide.

A Product among all these best over the counter acne treatment, the benzoyl peroxide is the most versatile form. It can be prepared into cleansing liquids, gels, bars, creams and lotions; all of them are applied straight to the skin. Cleansing products are generally used once or else twice daily, with lotions and creams that are applied as needed. They are effective when rubbed on area surrounding acne, and also on pimples themselves.

It is good idea to discuss with a doctor prior self-treating with any of the given medications. Although acne is fairly harmless state, a doctor can frequently offer better ideas and explain best way to hold your condition, which is based on your kind of acne. Healing for the acne breakouts can sort from fast fixes to the long-term routines for skin care set by dermatologist. With high-quality skin care, acne can be forbidden or barred. Finding right acne treatment might take time, since women have unstable skin kinds and sensitivities; however with proper skin care as well as best over the counter acne treatment, all women can have gorgeous, glowing skin.

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