Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Safe Ways To Lose Fat

Safe Ways To Lose Fat
by Wendy D Hearn

For many people their goal is to lose fat. Having extra fat on our bodies doesn't feel good, we know its not healthy for us and it affects how attractive we feel. We dream of looking in the mirror and seeing a slim, sexy body staring back at us instead of the body we currently have that has extra fat and looks unsightly.

Although you'd probably love this fat to go as quickly as possibly I'm sure you're aware that they are healthy and unhealthy ways of doing this. Unhealthy ways usually mean diet pills and fad diets which we know are really harmful to our bodies. So, a safe way to lose this fat is what is called for and although it will take a little work, once you've achieved your fat loss, the healthy habits are likely to stay with you. This means you're much less likely to gain the fat back again.

So, there are two essential elements you need to lose your fat. One is exercise and the other is healthy eating.

Starting with exercise. Even of you're someone who does not like the idea of having to do traditional exercise, there are enjoyable and efficient ways to burn fat. One option is interval training. Slow-fast manipulation of heart rate for fat burning is the basis for interval training. For instance, if you alternate walking at a even pace with quick sprints your body will be surprised, causing you to experience muscle confusion, and you will burn increased fat as you exercise.

For healthy eating you need to change your eating habits and one of these changes means trimming your consumption of foods that contain saturated fats. These fats are found in greasy, deep fried foods and high fat meat. Choose instead foods that can be baked or grilled and lean meats such as turkey or chicken or fish.

You now have some ideas of safe ways to lose your fat and I suggest you continue finding out how to burn the fat from your body.

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