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Finding A Cellulite Solution That Works

Finding A Cellulite Solution That Works
by Gal Bishop

Selecting a cellulite solution that works is a top concern for women everywhere and of every age. If you suffer from the dreaded orange peel look, one of the first things you should understand is that your condition is quite common. Of course at the beginning of every summer we're reminded of it again and the race is on to do something about it.

You may think the only way to get rid of cellulite is to have expensive, invasive and often dangerous surgical procedures. Liposuction has become extremely popular in recent years and it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore. However, not only is surgery full of risk, you also face the possibility that your cellulite will return. And, that's assuming the liposuction worked to remove it initially.

So what can you do to get smooth, dimple-free thighs? Let's have a look at some of the alternative treatments for cellulite reduction and help you get ready for that new bikini this summer.

Mesotherapy is one option which many women decide to use. Developed in the fifties by Dr. Pistor in France, this is a popular method in Europe. With this option, injections of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are given in the areas where cellulite is a problem. These injections are usually given on a weekly basis for several months.

While many report success with this alternative, it does take a long time and can be quite expensive. Doctors certified to administer mesotherapy are also difficult to find in many areas. The expense and the fact that it involves injections prevents many people from choosing this option as a first resort.

Body wraps are another alternative many women turn to. But, their effectiveness as a remedy for cellulite is still in question. They are based on the premise that toxins in the body play a major role in cellulite formation.

Those who favor body wraps believe they encourage toxin removal from your body to improve body contour and decrease water retention for a smoother, more attractive appearance. Body wraps are intended to stimulate skin cells and produce healthier looking skin. Although results are not guaranteed, it won't hurt to give this option a try; worst case is you'll get to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation at the spa.

One thing which can do a lot for eliminating cellulite is getting enough exercise and making sure to eat a healthy diet. This doesn't appeal to everyone, but exercise and diet can be an effective cellulite remedy if you're willing to stick with it. You can start small, with walking and biking and later incorporate some muscle building. If you carry some excess fat or don't have much muscle tone, you'll be amazed at what these changes can do for you.

It can be difficult to make changes to your lifestyle, but it will become routine over time. You can do it by taking small steps like drinking water instead of soda, working more healthy veggies into your diet and walking whenever possible. Every little bit helps. You'll get more energy, feel less stressed and sleep better too - certainly a nice bonus along with reducing cellulite.

Before choosing your own cellulite solution, educate yourself on the options available and consider the various alternative therapies available before taking drastic measures. Many times you'll find the best remedy is not the one with the higher price tag.

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