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Control Your Acne Naturally, Forget Harsh Chemicals

Control Your Acne Naturally, Forget Harsh Chemicals
Control Your Acne Naturally, Forget Harsh Chemicals
by Anthony Stai

Are you being overrun with pimples and zits? Hopefully not, but if you are then lets look at some alternatives to expensive medications and treatments.

Let's start with "what is acne?" Acne is a skin disorder that is primarily caused by your hormones acting in conjunction with the skin's oil glands called the sebaceous glands. The oils excreted from the sebaceous glands may lead to congesting you skin pores. At this point your acne is forming. Acne can breakout on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders, and occasionally even on your scalp because this is where the glands are most profuse. Without proper treatment and occasionally counseling, severe acne can lead to other psychological disorders such as depression.

The occurrence of acne can often be linked to a persons genetics. If you parents or grandparents had severe acne, then you are likely to also have severe acne. Of course, there is nothing we can do about your genetics (at least not today), but there is another factor that we can do something about. That factor is hygiene. When we speak of hygiene we aren't usually talking about someone that doesn't have any hygiene skills, it's just that there are certain ways that are better than others for taking care of acne. Follow the list below for examples of natural acne solutions.

1. Get your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables to balance your body's chemistry and you'll be surprised at the how well you feel afterward.

2. Try cleaning your face with Rose Water twice a day to keep your face clear of oils and feeling refreshed.

3. React immediately when you see a pimple starting to appear. Start by cleaning the location which just soap and water. Then try patting ice on the swollen location to reduce the swelling and likely releasing the trapped oils from the pores. Then once again wash and rinse the location again to try to remove more oils.

4. Multi-vitamins will help get your body's chemistry back into balance. Not only will you live healthier but having your body's chemistry in balance will reduce the hormonal output of your sebaceous glands.

5. Cucumbers - I know, we've all seen the movies with the ladies sitting on the couch with cucumbers over the eyes. It's done to produce a laugh but the reality is that it works. Blend some cucumber with water and make a facial mask. Leave it on for about half an hour and then rinse off. This is very affordable and not only helps control acne but refreshes your skin as well.

6. Use gentle, mild soaps on your skin. I know it is tempting to use soaps that dry out your skin but then you are just going from one problem to another. Avoid using petroleum based as well as animal based soaps because they will irritate and dry out your skin.

7. Avoid using alcohol based products on your skin, especially your face, because they will dry out your face. Alcohol free is becoming much easier to find these days because alcohol products are so harsh to your skin.

8. All Natural Makeup - Choose your makeup carefully because many makeup brands contain petroleum which will, once again, dry out your skin and that is normally not what the majority of those suffering from acne need. All natural makeup will be much kinder to your skin.

9. Water - This is perhaps the most important element of all. Drinking at least the recommend allowance of water per day if not more will help keep your body hydrated and tends to flush dirt out of our bodies.

Using this list of natural acne remedies you will be able to at least reduce your acne if not completely obliterate it. As a wonderful side affect, your skin will feel better than it ever has and you will have an over all improvement in energy. Say goodbye to your acne today!

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