Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best Exercise to Lose Weight - Is Cardio Working?

Best Exercise to Lose Weight - Is Cardio Working?
by Michael T. Davis

Like many people who use exercise equipment regularly or semi-regularly, you have probably seen a setting somewhere called fat burning zone or something similar. This zone is touted as the best zone to stay withing while you are exercising.

A good method that many people use is to pick a time frame and intensity for their exercise that allows them to keep within the fat burning zone. It is a matter of trial and error for some time for some people though. Finding the right setting can be tricky at first.

All the fat burning zone is, is a range that the machine checks via your heartrate using your body weight and age as a guideline. It calculates your maximum heart rate based on your information and the zone is a percentage of that maximum. The zone is set so that you are not working at your maximum capacity, but you are not coasting either.

This zone is designed so that people are able to exercise for a longer period of time at a manageable level so as to cause the body to continue burning fat. This range is supposed to be the best for fat burning and there are many health and fitness experts who agree.

Now, that isn't to say there isn't merit in that, but using it as a hard and fast rule when picking the best exercise to lose weight quickly could have a negative impact on your weight loss goals.

By focusing too much on the fat burning zone, many people do not get the best overall benefits from their exercises and find that they might not be losing weight as quickly as they thought they would be doing.

The thing that you should be putting your attention on is the overall number of calories that your body is burning. If you can burn more calories than you take in each do utilizing the right kind of exercises, you are almost certain to be burning fat.

Base your exercises on those that challenge you but you are able to do. Over time you will improve and you need to keep challenging yourself. If you continue using that method, you will see changes in a fairly short period of time.

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