Sunday, June 8, 2008

Anti Wrinkle Cream - Free? No Catch, No Strings Attached?

Anti Wrinkle Cream - Free? No Catch, No Strings Attached?

Anti wrinkle cream for free? Are you kidding? Nope. This article gives you a very simple, yet effective natural recipe to make anti wrinkle cream - using just 3 basic ingredients.

The only thing you have to spend money on is the ingredients themselves, but considering how inexpensive they are and how long they'll last you, the anti wrinkle cream you'll end up with easily belongs in the highway-robbery category.

This home-made concoction minimizes eye wrinkles/lines and crow's feet by hydrating the skin around your eyes. This is a wonderful thing, as your eye area doesn't have natural oil glands to keep it young and smooth. Applying this cream daily is like a spa treatment for your eyes.

Let's get right to it with the recipe. You'll need:

Jojoba Oil (1 ounce)

Carrot Seed Oil (10-11 drops)

Evening Primrose Oil capsules

All of these items are usually found at any local health food store. Begin by pouring one ounce of Jojoba oil into a dark glass bottle that has a dropper. Continue by adding 10 or so drops of Carrot Seed oil. Next, prick a hole in an Evening Primrose oil capsule and squeeze the contents into your bottle. Shake it well. Keep it in your refrigerator and it will last you for about 6 months. For best results, apply every night.

Directions: Before going to bed, wash your face, dry off and apply few drops on your fingertips. Now very gently, tap the oil under and around your eyes. Don't rub too hard, as your eye area is very delicate. Keep out of eyes.

Once you're done, apply your favorite anti wrinkle cream on the rest of your face. Alternately, if you're already using an anti aging cream you're happy with, apply it all over your face (including eye area) FIRST, then apply the home-made oil around your eyes. With a superb anti wrinkle cream in conjunction with your home-made oil, you should see a very noticeable wrinkle-reduction within 30-40 days. And be patient, this stuff really works.

If you're still searching for that wonderful all-over anti wrinkle cream that actually works, I warmly recommend that you to do your homework. Don't fall prey to seductive, hypnotic web-sites. More often than not, the hyped up cream they're trying to sell you is just overpriced moisturizing lotion in a fancy package. For a scientific, informative and entertaining read on the subject, visit

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