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Using Weight Loss Drugs

Using Weight Loss Drugs
Using Weight Loss Drugs
by Kay Brown

As the world's population continues to increase, the problem of obesity also increases; more worrying still is the number of school-age children that are falling into the obese category. Often extreme measures are used to control this problem including surgery but others decide that dieting combined with an increase in physical activity is preferable. However, desperate people often make poor decisions and decide to take weight loss drugs as they are less expensive than surgery.

These drugs usually work buy telling the brain it's no longer hungry, stimulating metabolism to aid the shedding of excess fat. The problem arose when it was found that one of the side effects from this type of drug was the increased risk of heart valve disease and of course the drug was quickly withdrawn from use. Newer drugs were developed and started to be prescribed by physicians and dieticians, some of these drugs are currently waiting for the Federal Drug Administration go ahead.

The use of drugs that help weight reduction has become so commonplace that it is almost certain that you know of someone who has tried them. This is obviously a very tempting prospect, to lose weight whilst eating the same diet. Many millions of dollars are spent each year in The United States alone whilst the drug manufacturers spend huge sums on further research into weight loss drugs.

Despite the advances in weight control pills there are still health problems, some of which people are sickness and diarrhea. The harmful side effects have not been eliminated and it is possible that you could still suffer from hallucinations, stroke, tremors and heart attacks. You would need to read the user information for a full list of all the possible side effects.

The best course of action before taking any type of pill is to consult your doctor; here are many factors that could contribute to any problems you experience and these do not necessarily stop when you cease taking the pills. These effects can be equally unpleasant as the side effects occurring as a result of taking weight control pills.

Despite all the bad publicity, weight loss drugs do work but they are more successful if they are used in conjunction with a low calorie diet and regular exercise, preferably using a properly worked out exercise regime. This type of diet requires a balance of the food groups to ensure a proper intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber, almost all of which can be bought at your local supermarket but may require a little preparation.

As far as the exercise is concerned, this needs to be worked out in advance after a physical examination by your doctor. Of course a good exercise regime will combine exercises that increase the heart rate and exercises that use weights to tone the muscles. A regime of this kind would increase an individual's metabolic rate.

Keep in mind that these types of weight loss drugs can have an addictive quality, whether they be prescribed by a doctor or non prescription. Use common sence, being skinny un-healthy and an emotional wreck is not better than being a little hefty, but healthy and feeling great!

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