Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Myths and Truths About Wrinkles

Myths and Truths About Wrinkles
Author: J.J. Yong

Did your mom ever tell you not to make faces because it might get stuck that way? Well, your face clearly won't get stuck, but repeated skin contractions in the face are proven ways of developing certain wrinkles in the eyes and forehead. It seems like the advice may not have been so bad after all. What are some of the other myths and truths about wrinkles?

A common myth is that wrinkles can be prevented. Well, technically they can. If you never move the muscles in the face and other parts of the body susceptible to wrinkles and you never go outside and receive exposure from the sun, it is true that you may actually be able to avoid wrinkles...at least for a while. The simple fact is that you can never completely avoid or get rid of wrinkles; they are a fact of life. What you can do is take measures to limit them and help to minimize their appearance.

Another myth is that wrinkles can be permanently removed with some sort of "miracle cream." This is completely untrue, and in fact there is no way to completely get rid of wrinkles. Even surgical procedures will only limit the amount and size of wrinkles, but they don't get rid of them. Anti-aging skin creams can be very useful in maintaining healthy skin, but they aren't a miracle cure and no method on the market can get rid of wrinkles completely.

A big truth about wrinkles is that sun tanning can be a major factor over time. UV rays damage the skin and can lead to increased number and size of wrinkles, among many other problems that are even more serious. Sun tanning, whether through too much time spent unprotected in the sun or especially in tanning beds, is a sure-fire way of damaging your skin and leading to greater amounts of wrinkles in the future.

As you plan out your own anti-aging fight against time, keep these little tidbits in mind.

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