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Hair Loss – Its Causes & Treatment

Hair Loss – Its Causes & Treatment
Author: Corwin Brown

The normal hair growth cycle lasts usually for the period of 2 to 6 years. During this cycle, everyday there will be shedding of few hairs. Some people will experience more than normal falling of hair and this type of hair loss is very common among men, women and children.

There are three main phases of hair growth cycle:

· Anagen – Active hair growth phase lasts for 4-5 years
· Catagen - Degeneration phase at the time of 5th year
· Telogen - Resting phase and by the end of 6th year, new hair growth cycle will begin

Causes of hair loss
The following are the causes of excessive hair loss:

· Serious illness and major surgery
· Hormonal imbalances and thyroid deficiencies
· Usage of steroids leads to men’s baldness
· Severe emotional and mental stress
· Excessive dosage and usage of medicines
· Pregnancy time
· Fungal infection in the scalp
· Protein deficiency
· Crash dieting
· Improper hair care
· Lack of essential fatty acids etc.

Hair loss treatments
There is no fixed guarantee or remedy for hair loss. But, there are several medication been practiced to prevent hair loss. Most hair loss remedies will not fetch the desired results due to which the treatment cannot be matched up with any particular case of baldness or hair loss.
The following are the remedies been used to cure hair loss:
· Topical sensitizers
In this process, an allergic reaction will be triggered in the scalp that results in growing of new hair. This will take 3-12 months to fetch positive results.

· Locally injected steroids
Usage of steroids injections will help hair to re-grow in the scalp with in a month’s time. The side effects are more in this type of treatment. It’s not advised to use for children hair loss and involves huge pain.

· Photo-chemotherapy
This is one of the most popular methods in the treatment of hair loss that resulted in the re-growth of hair in a short time. It involves the scalp to be exposed to ultraviolet light and treatment has to be repeated twice or thrice a week.
But, this schedule will not suit to most of the people that pose limitations to the adoption of photo-chemotherapy.

· Sulfasalazine treatment
Sulfasalazine is basically a sulfa drug that been used in the ailment of psoriasis and also alopecia areata. This treatment has gained popularity for the above mentioned treatment options.
· The other treatment options include oral cyclosporine and corticosteroids also.

10 Tips for healthier hair
The following are the tips for having healthier hair:
· Refrain from using alcohol and tobacco
· Avoid over usage of shampoo
· Avoid over consumption of salt
· Regular massaging of scalp
· Refrain from excessive mental and emotional stress
· Regular exercise will improve blood circulation in the scalp
· Avoid exposing longtime in the sun light
· Focus on balanced nutrition
· Avoid any cause of fungal infections by means of not sharing hair brushes, combs etc.
· Avoid harsh combing on wet hair

Thus, there is no guaranteed treatment available to cure hair loss. In recent years, a new research is being undertaken for identifying a lot more user friendly hair loss remedies. It’s always advisable to treat hair loss with the help of consulting a Doctor rather than opting for self medication rather that would result in adverse effects.

At the same time, the patients have to create awareness among them to choose from a greater range of hair loss treatment options available in the market today but complete cure to baldness in men, women and children is still vague.

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