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Weight Loss: How To Solve The Belly Fat Problems?

Weight Loss
How To Solve The Belly Fat Problems?
by Jenny Jorden

Have you ever looked through a list of weight loss programs? If so, you must have noted the focus given on belly fat. This is because not only it makes you look unattractive but also it leads to serious health problems.

Abdominal fat is what is called visceral fat and involves both a fat layer just under the skin as well as the deeper fat pad called the omentum. The bigger and fattier this organ is, the greater the health risk.

People with belly fat are called as "apple shaped". This will cause serious health conditions such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It may even lead to certain type of cancers, heart diseases, gall bladder problems and high blood pressure.

The good news is that losing belly fat decreases these risks. The bad news is that this type of fat is difficult to lose. No spot exercises will work no matter who claims otherwise. To lose this fat requires exercise that burns fat all over the body.

To start with, you can follow some quick weight loss tips. You should also carry on with an exercise program. It is vital to burn excess stored fat and to jack up the metobolism. The most important tip is to reduce the total calories ingested.

Another important factor is reducing the intake of simple carbohydrates and sugars. Some of the abdominal bulging may in fact be more than just fat, since inflammation of the pancreas from the stress of too much simple sugar can cause bloating in the area.

How do you know whether you should be concerned about losing belly fat? There are simple measurements that will tell most people if they have enough fat to be at risk. For men, this is an abdominal measurement at the waist of 40 inches or more. For women, the number is 35 inches, but some studies take it as low as 33 inches.

If you measure more than the limit for your gender, you need to begin losing belly fat. Get help to design a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and fewer sugars and starches, along with adequate protein and some fat. Your doctor can also advise you about a general exercise plan to boost fat burning. Your life and health just might depend on it.

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