Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yoga Is Great For The Mind And Body

Yoga Is Great For The Mind And Body
by Charlie Reese

It is no great secret that exercise is an important component in an overall healthy psychic lifestyle. But what type of exercise should you choose? There is a plethora of fitness options out there, but not all of them may be suited for your precise needs and fitness level. However, there is one type of exercise program that seem to be appropriate for just about everyone; beginner and buff alike. The type of exercise that I am referring to is yoga. Yoga is more than simply a physical workout.

When done properly, this discipline combines the elements of mind, body and spirit to achieve oneness and wellness at the same time. Many people who practice yoga regularly feel more in tune with their bodies to the point of knowing when something is not healthy before symptoms even arise. This allows the person to seek treatment before an illness or infection becomes full blown and is more difficult to fight. In addition to the mind-body connection, there are plenty of physical benefits to this discipline as well.

For the Body

The routine practice of yoga will improve flexibility to all of the joints of the body. Increased flexibility means increased fitness level, and it also means prevention of injury as the body ages and joints tend to stiffen up. It has also been shown that yoga positions can exercise the tendons and ligaments of the body as well, also leading to a reduced risk of injury as one ages. Yoga can also tone all of the muscles, leading to a leaner, tighter body overall.

From an internal standpoint, this discipline is the only one that can also massage all of the internal organs as well as contribute to the detoxifying of the body through increased blood flow. The other great thing about yoga is that any fitness level can benefit from this discipline, starting with some of the easier positions and gradually working into the more challenging poses as your fitness level increases.

For the Spiritual Mind

Yoga is not just about physical fitness, since this discipline relies strongly on the union between mind body and spirit. This is why meditation is such an integral part of the discipline overall and why yoga can lead to increased focus and concentration abilities.

This is also why this type of exercise is so helpful in managing the stress that is a common byproduct of life today. For the old fashioned yogis who practiced this discipline daily, the ultimate goal of yoga was enlightenment or self realization. While not all of us will head to a yoga class with enlightenment in mind, the mental and emotional benefits of this type of exercise will certainly not be lost on us. Yoga is truly a unity of mind, body and spirit for maximum health and wellness.

About the Author:

Charlie Reese likes blogging about yoga, working out and other physical training programs. He also likes to get psychic readings. He likes seeing what a psychic reading can do for his brain and his body.

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