Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fitness: Creating Your Workout Program

Creating Your Workout Program
By Tim H

If you've been trying to make an exercise program but you were not sure where to begin read ahead! To create a exercise program that is effective is not very hard. You just have to keep in mind a few guidelines.

Goal must be attainable.
An important step to making a effective exercise program is to know and understand the outcome and results that you are interested in. Of course, you already "know". The point, however, is to gauge your results and have the goal be specific. The efforts will seem more worthwhile that way. For example, it might be a good idea to plan a loss of 1 pound per week or improving your BM ratio by x%. Not only will you have a goal, but you are able to track your progress and see if you're doing a good job or not.

Exercise goals written down
You may want to gain 5 pounds of muscle or lose 10 pounds of fat. Write it down. Being specific about what you want to achieve will give you greater chances of success.

Plan how will you reach your goal
If you are interested in losing weight then you should be doing cardio. If you want to gain muscle then you should be doing weights. To find out more about cardio or weight training routines check out the Exercise Guide. Basically, your goals have to be consistent with the workout program. This doesn't mean that you should only stick to what's in the program. However, you must make sure you complete those in your program regularly. For example, I often find weight lifting to be more entertaining that cardio, but cardio is what my program tells me to do.

Consistency is the key
One of the powerful secrets to exercise programs is being consistent with workouts and diet. Complete your workouts every time, every week, every month. Stick to a diet that is properly synced with your workout. If you need carbs have varbs and when you need proteins have proteins. If you are unable to complete exercises or stick to a diet, try to make up for it whenever you can.

Never give up
Take your exercise program easy. You don't need to overdo it or feel terrible that you couldn't do it either. There are many exercises out there that will take you time to get used to. Don't worry about yesterday; you can't change what already happened. Think about tomorrow and how you will reach your goal. If the workout program is impossible for you, change it but do not quit.

Try to change your exercise program often
If you've gotten good at some exercises but are terrible with others it's time to change the program. This is very important (at least for me personally)! You really want to have a balanced workouts combination so that all your body muscles are well trained. Don't be afraid to change the workout program every month or so. It's important to understand your goal. If you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, then throwing a new exercise that is hard and throwing out an easy one will do you good. Unfortunately, workouts should not be easy. You agreed to face a challenge, right?! Another reason why you would want to change workout exercises is that "Different workout exercises generally produce different results". If you've been going on treadmill all the time and started doing some hiking later, you might still feel a muscle burn. This is a great job! Train all your muscles as opposed to a few that you usually do.

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