Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fitness and Good Health: The Tricks That Work are Free

Fitness and Good Health
Fitness and Good Health: The Tricks That Work are Free
This article is from Yahoo Health by Debbie Rocker

How is it possible that every year Americans spend more money on diet and weight loss aids and, research shows, every year we get fatter?

Something is not working. So let’s stop doing it. Stop buying every new weight loss remedy. Stop eating low-fat, low-carb, sugar-free and so on, because there are no free lunches, so to speak. None of this is calorie-free. Stop saying you’ll exercise tomorrow.

Get back to basics, start at the beginning, do the things that actually work – and remember, they’re free!

I know it’s almost too simple to say but:

Add 20-30 minutes of exercise to your day. I want to get up in the morning and take a 20-minute walk – period. Walk away from your house for 10 and then 10 minutes back and you have just done 20 minutes of calorie-burning aerobic training. Or, if you are really pressed for time in the a.m., on your lunch break, break a little sweat (nothing radical), just walk at a steady pace for 20 minutes.

Reduce your food intake; eat less at every meal. At home, prepare a dish of food that is moderately sized, a small (4-5 oz) portion of protein and vegetables and maybe a little soup or a salad (in a small salad bowl) to start. At a restaurant – plan to take some home. Ask the waiter for a take-away container when you order, and make a habit of taking part of your meal home.

Keep it simple so you will really do it – daily – and things will change. Give it 14 days and report back to me – I’d love to hear what you think.

Happy Trails -
Debbie Rocker

article by Debbie Rocker

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