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Feng Shui: Mirrors In Feng Shui

Mirrors In Feng Shui
Mirrors In Feng Shui
by Jiaying Lee

The Feng Shui Mirror is used to deflect destructive energy and redirect productive energy. It is like a traffic warden allowing just the right amount of flow and in the right direction. A Feng Shui Mirror is not different from other mirrors it is simply a matter of knowing where and why to place it in your home.

To know where and how to place the mirror creates an attraction for wealth health, prosperity and relationships in love and family to increase. The release of new 'chi' energy which was previously blocked is now active and results for the good will follow

Three Ways to Use a Feng Shui Mirror:

1) To Increase your wealth Here the mirror expands space and energy. In locations within a house where the space is small and perhaps cramped, like a darkened and smallish hallway the mirror is used to expand the space by its very reflection but more importantly the energy of the area is freed up and expanded. In terms of the effect on the person this is to give a freeing up and expansion in the opportunities for work and fortune.

2) Enriching your love life and family relationships The Feng Shui mirror is always about reflecting and increasing the energy in an area. Mirrors which are placed to reflect decorative objects such as a vase or painting reflect and magnify its beauty which in turn brings a new experience of beauty and health in the family relationships.

3) To Prevent Ill Health by Deflecting negative energy Just as the mirror reflects the beauty in a home it can be used to deflect any negative energy that is flowing through a home. For instance if at the entrance to a house runs a busy, noisy, road ideally a mirror on the front door will deflect the damaging energy from the business outside the house. Of course most would not want this so we would place it in the immediate hallway at the entrance. We are course not deflecting sound but you will be suprised at the calmness that follows such a placement of a mirror as a Feng Shui strategy.

Some Final Tips: keep your mirrors facing outward to deflect negative energy and inward to enhance positive energy Make sure your mirrors are spotlessly clean for optimal benefit. Avoid mirrors with engravings and embellishments. Use an oval mirror whenever possible as they have no sharp angles which effect the chi flow.

In Friendship Jiaying Lee. Feng Shui Riches

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