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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
by Jiaying Lee

The Feng Shui bedroom has great 'Chi' energy. This is the mystical energy of our universe which can change our lives even while we sleep. however 'Chi' can be blocked from our bedrooms affecting our health and good fortune and especially our relationships with others.

1. Lets start with colours! There are those who speak of red as an active color for enhancing romance - be that as it may our first requirement is recovery from the strains and stresses of each day. So lets leave red alone and work with the soft pastels for the recovery needs.

2. Do you like reading before you sleep. Most of us find it relaxes us and enables to get off to a good nights sleep. However some bedrooms are furnished with bookshelves full of good books and the Feng Shui Bedroom design is to keep out all symbols of activity and books represent active thinking. So if you are to follow the blueprint then remove the bedroom libary but there is no problem with a book alongside the bed to read for a while before sleep - it is the symbol of libary that causes problems.

3 Most bedrooms have the traditional mirror and many are facing the bed reflecting the image of the person in the bed. In Feng Shui mirrors have many uses and in hallways and darkened areas of the house can be used to create chi energy. However in the bedroom we would want the 'chi' balanced and restful a mirror can expand energy and is not useful for good rest and recovery especially when facing the mirror.

4. A modern problem is the ensuite!. This attached bathroom ensuite is about elimination and cleansing. It has static water in its toilet bowl and in Feng Shui this is symbolic of wealth either being eliminated or inactive. So just keep the door shut. Flowing water in other parts of your house, particularly the living area, is great for wealth attraction but avoid static water in the bedroom apart from a glass of water by the bed which will do no harm.

In Friendship Jiaying Lee

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