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Weight loss supplements and their nutritional capacity

weight loss supplements
Weight loss supplements and their nutritional capacity
By Robert Baird Baird

Obesity is a necessary evil that has gripped all modern societies and in countries like the United States of America , obesity is on a high with more than 60% of its population being overweight.
It has assumed even more alarming proportions now as children too are falling victim to obesity increasingly and therefore it is time that certain means are adopted in order to control obesity. Weight loss is the only means to counter obesity and at present there are innumerable weight loss supplements available in the market which lures consumers by promising rapid weight loss.
Various weight loss supplements are available in the market to aid individuals in losing weight and it is necessary to note here that since most of these weight loss supplements market themselves as products which would cause rapid weight loss, people are prone to buying them without carrying a prior research.

It is extremely important to have certain amount of knowledge regarding these products and their nutritional value as many of these weight loss supplements are useless and ineffective and can cause harm to the organs of the body. For example, there are several weight loss supplements available for sale which clearly mention that ingredients like ephedra and caffeine are absent in its composition.

It is necessary to note here that ephedra is an herbal product obtained from a plant source but it has been researched that it is harmful for human consumption. However, the fact that these two components are absent in the composition of weight loss supplements does not necessarily state that these products are high in nutritional value. In this case, one can refer to several weight loss supplements which are considered to be of high nutritional value.

Here one can refer to the supplements that help in weight loss by controlling hunger and appetite. Guar gum and pysilium had been considered by many manufacturers as being effective in causing weight loss. But studies have proved otherwise. Green tea has been considered to be one of the most efficient means of losing weight and it consists of a compound known as ECGC compound which is often marketed as an effective constituent which aids in losing weight.

However this is not true. While it can be accepted that the ECGC compound is beneficial in reducing the risk of fatal diseases like cancer, it has not been proven that these supplements are beneficial in causing weight loss. Therefore, it is better to conform to a balanced diet and rigid exercise regimen than turning to these weight loss supplements.

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