Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to Learn About Aromatherapy and Live A Relaxed Life

How to Learn About Aromatherapy and Live A Relaxed Life

By Darrin Reservitz Reservitz

The engagement of aromatherapy, by women in the US, has been going on for over a century. For example, vanilla behind the ears served as perfume and soap, essentially an aromatherapy body lotion, was made from rose petals. In essence, aromatherapy helped women smell wonderful.

Few can leave the smell of a warm bath and burning candles that contain essential oils. Some would say this is the essence of aromatherapy – the pleasing smell of essential oils wafting through the air. But aromatherapy is more than nice smells.

Aromatherapy, today, is as much art as business. Aromatherapy breeds millions of dollars in sales, from aromatherapy body lotion to aromatherapy nebulizers, each year. In addition, people even get degrees in aromatherapy. Yet if you’d like some quick aromatherapy knowledge, just go online and you’ll find many sites dedicated to the practice.

There are two metrics people use when choosing an aromatherapy scent and oil. The most basic – smell. They like it. It could, for instance, bring to mind a special memory, such as vanilla ice cream over the holidays with family. On the opposite end, the smell might be appealing for no concrete reason.

The second reason to select a scent is for medicinal reasons. For example, grapefruit oil can help with stress. Perhaps proof of grapefruit’s power is a recent study that showed that men thought women wearing grapefruit as aromatherapy body lotion were 6 years younger than they actually were. While the reason for this would only be speculative, perhaps the grapefruit scent relaxed the women, making them appear younger.

There are a lot of ways to practice aromatherapy. For example, you could inhale beneficial scents from aromatherapy candles or aromatherapy nebulizers. Regardless of the method you choose, in order to truly appreciate the essence of aromatherapy takes experimentation and study. Invest yourself in it and it will pay you back manifold ways.

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