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Facts About The Cause Of Stretch Mark Signs In Women

Stretch Mark
Facts About The Cause Of Stretch Mark Signs In Women
By Maia Pells

Stretch marks indiscriminately affect both men and women. But because of the life events in a woman's life cycle such as pregnancy, birthing and the rapid gaining and losing of weight due to these events, women may suffer from more severe stretch mark conditions than men do.

Cause of Stretch Mark Signs

For both men and women, the main cause of stretch mark signs is the same. A rapid expansion of the body can cause inner skin tissues to overstretch and eventually tear. The torn tissues later become scar tissues that become white or silver in color through time. Women however may be more prone to this skin condition because of one natural cause of stretch mark signs that men do not experience-pregnancy. The rapid expansion of the abdomen in pregnant women may particularly result in ugly ragged lines.

Stretch Marks Can Affect Your Life

Stretch marks are generally harmless and non-fatal. However, stretch mark signs can go deeper than the skin and negatively affect women's social life. Insecurities caused by having severe stretch mark conditions inhibits a woman's confidence to interact socially. To some extent of this insecurity, stretch marks can even ruin relationships.

Not All Conditions are the Same

Not all women are affected by the same cause of stretch mark signs but majority are bound to experience varying degrees of the condition. Even if all women were to experience the same cause of stretch mark signs, some women may have lighter scars than others and only in limited areas. Your deeper, darker, uglier scars may be influenced to some extent by genetic predisposition, skin type and life habits. It also follows therefore that not all remedies are effective for all women.

May Be Permanent For Some

While it is sad to note that some women may have to carry and bear stretch mark signs for the rest of their lives, sadder still is the fact that they could have done something to lessen the condition but didn't. Stretch marks often become permanent and lasting when its early signs are left to develop without early remedies and treatments. If your family is known to experience abrupt weight gains, chances are that you are also prone to these rapid gaining of weight that only causes stretch marks.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Stretch mark signs are generally treated as scars because of its stubborn nature. Therefore, stretch marks are often easier to prevent rather than cure. If you are experiencing rapid weight increase or other possible body changes that may cause stretch mark signs, it is advisable to seek prevention right away rather than wait until the condition becomes more pronounced or worsen.

No Clear Surgical of Medical Solutions

The medical field often view stretch mark as a cosmetic problem. This is the reason why there is hardly any medical treatment for such condition. The only surgical way to get rid of stretch mark on the abdomen area is for the individual to undergo an expensive tummy tuck which is not even technically a procedure to get rid of stretch mark signs. It is safer to go for the natural and inexpensive options to prevent stretch marks.

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