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Acid Reflux And Diet - What's The Relationship Between Acid Reflux And Diet?

Acid Reflux And Diet
What's The Relationship Between Acid Reflux And Diet?
by Louise Bell

After enjoying a full and heavy meal, you decide to spend a little time relaxing in front of the television to watch your favorite TV series. Suddenly, you feel a burning sensation starting to build in the upper section of your abdomen. Your chest feel like it's on fire and the burning feeling and slight pain starts to travel from your diaphragm, rising through your throat. Combined with a sour taste there is a feeling that food is entering your mouth again.

This condition, where stomach acid travels from the stomach to the esophagus, is what is know as acid reflux and acid reflux and diet are connected to one another.

The flow of stomach acid back into the mouth causes irritation and inflammation in the esophageal lining. Knowing the causes of acid reflux is essential in order to avoid the occurrence of this irritating and annoying condition.

There are several causes of acid reflux including:

* The Lower Esophageal Sphincter or LES is related to acid reflux because it is the valve that keeps the stomach acid in the stomach. When it is weak or damaged it is not be able to perform its task of keeping the gastric juices in place and acid reflux occurs.

* There are some foods and drinks that can cause weakening of the LES. These include chocolates, tomatoes and tomato based products, coffee, alcohol, sugar and fried and fatty foods.

* Certain conditions like smoking, pregnancy and obesity are contributing factors to GERD as well as lifestyle choices such as meal consumption shortly before bedtime or wearing tight fitting clothes.

Since acid reflux and diet are interrelated, it is essential you watch what you eat in order to prevent frequent re-occurrence. Eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals rather than super heavy meals in just one sitting. Why? Because this act can prevent too much stomach acid production. ALso avoid the foods mentioned that can cause weakening of the LES.

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