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Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

stretch marks during pregnancy
Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy
By Cris Peck

While stretch marks affect nearly all the women during their pregnancy, they are also common among many men and non-pregnant women including athletes, body builders, teenagers, and people experiencing either fast growth or gaining weight at a faster rate. In short, stretch marks are most common in those parts of the body, which tend to store more fat or need to expand more as a result of physical activity or changes within the body.

In case of a pregnant woman, the stretch marks start appearing on her abdomen from about 6 month of pregnancy as a result of her developing baby. Some women also experience scars and stretch marks on other parts of bodies as well including their hips, arms, thighs, and breasts.

Are you wondering if it is possible to prevent stretch marks? Remember, genetics play a very important role in deciding whether or not you will develop stretch marks during your pregnancy. This means if your mother got stretch marks during her pregnancy, you are most likely to have them too. Additionally, there are many other factors that determine your chances of having stretch marks. For example, fair-skinned women are more likely to develop stretch marks as compared to women with darker complexion. Not only this, people with less-nourished skin or dry skin tend to develop more stretch marks compared to people with well-nourished skin. It is also seen that amount of weight gained during pregnancy also influences your chances of developing stretch marks.

Don't feel discouraged if you are prone to develop stretch marks. You can still control their appearance by taking some very simple and effective measures to safeguard your body and skin.

If you want to minimize your chances of developing stretch marks, you must moisturize your body regularly. There are various stretch marks creams that prevent stretch marks, and if you apply them regularly on your body, the results are guaranteed. These stretch mark prevention creams are clinically tested to control and reduce the damage caused by stretch marks. These stretch mark prevention creams and lotions provide you with the necessary skin nutrition and don't let your skin dry. As a result, you feel less itchy and dry, and develop less stretch marks. food

If you are looking for an effective stretch mark prevention cream, go for one that contains natural ingredients, such as cocoa butter, almond oil, shea butter, and wheatgerm oil. If you keep your body properly moisturized during pregnancy, it helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. In addition to using an effective stretch mark prevention cream, you should ensure that you have a nutritious diet, which includes lots of green leafy vegetables. Other than providing you with essential vitamins and minerals, they contribute to the strength and health of your skin. Try to include foods, which are high in vitamins C and E, zinc and silica, as they enable your skin to stretch better, and bounce back instantly after the delivery.

In the end, drink a lot of water and take essential vitamins to ensure beautiful skin and a healthy baby.

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